Why become a Member?


Membership Incentive Program (MIP) 

In cooperation with Supplier Members, the Association offers coupons and valuable discounts on products. Taking advantage of this makes WCPA membership free for many members. 

Meetings and Expo

The Association has established an anal meeting along with our Expo to enable members greater opportunities to network and to work together on issues facing our industry. Business seminars, social events, and dinners with guest speakers are held in the winter months to promote understanding and cooperation within the industry. 

Award Competition and Recognition 

Corresponding with the WCPA biannual Convention and Expo, the Association recognizes companies for their excellence in craftsmanship and professional work. Entries are judged by industry professionals and the winners are presented with awards for their accomplishments.  Affiliation with the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) The WCPA operates as an independent Strategic Partner of the IFAI benefiting from and contributing to their programs in many ways:

  • The WCPA along with the IFAI addresses many larger issues in the industry, society, and world, as they affect our industry.

  • Providing a professional stage for various certification programs for individuals within the industry.

  • Promoting, lobbying and educating government officials on behalf of our industry.

  • WCPA Biannual Convention and Expo: The Association sponsors a biannual convention and expo for the industry, to meet and discuss important issues. Seminars provide advanced learning opportunities for attendees. Suppliers display their products at the Expo, which is open to all industry companies and their personnel.


Fabricator Member 

Any company or organization with a physical office located within the territorial boundaries of the Association which is primarily engaged in the manufacture, sales, and/or rental of products and/or services associated with the canvas and industrial fabrics industry at the retail level. 

Supplier Member 

Any company or organization that is primarily engaged in the manufacture, sales, rental of products and/or services associated with the canvas and industrial fabrics industry at the wholesale level. 

Associate Member 

Any company or organization that would qualify to become a Fabricator or Supplier Member but does not meet the territorial boundary test. 

Affiliate Member 

IFAI, IFAI Divisions, IFAI Zone organizations, professional associations, publications, colleges and universities, architects, designers, specifiers and governmental agencies. 

Student Member 

Currently active students of recognized colleges, universities, and technical schools. 


Fabricator Member . . . . .$150 Annually

Supplier Member . . . . . .$250 Annually

Associate Member. . . . . .$150 Annually

Affiliate Member. . . . . .$150 Annually

Student Member . . . . . . Complimentary